iSpring RCC7 Review

My view in one sentence: “iSpring have done a great job, reaching out to bring better water into more homes in an all-round great model.”

iSpring RCC7 Overview

It may surprise you hearing that, in Alkaline Water Machine Review’s top four RO home systems, both the RCC7 and its bigger brother model, the RCC7AK, charted. The latter came second. This more basic model may have finished last, but look at the context. The site reviewed it as, “still a good machine”. If making an upgrade to alkalinized (more pH-neutral) water isn’t important to you, you can still protect your family with a powerful system from a trusted name. This is anything but a ‘poor-man alternative’.

iSpring RCC7 review

Excellent Features

This runner-up in one major competition also managed to clinch first place for its automatic shutoff valve in another, on Amazon. There’s little that’s stripped down or basic about it, even if its status as iSpring’s most affordable under-the-sink problem-solver may have you thinking otherwise. Having a WQA Gold Seal certification and conforming to NSF Standard 58 means it’s been solidly built in America from the best materials. All its components likewise meet a high mark as they’re in line with strict FDA food-grade regulations.

Like its upgraded version, this model gives 75 gallons of excellent-tasting, purified water per day and includes a lead-free, goose-neck faucet. With descriptions such as “Aquarium Life Saver!!” and “Fantastic Value!”, it’s little wonder that almost Amazon customers love it, and very positive about the many benefits on offer. They’ve cleverly tailored this to match so many standard-sized households, needs and budgets. Also, offering manufacturer-direct sales, iSpring help you to get your household covered. When it’s time for service, their customer support is every bit as legendary.

Functionality and Performance

Cost-effectiveness is the theme here. The water it makes is just amazing, even if it hasn’t been alkalinized. Remember, given the thousand-plus menu of nasties that may be lurking in your water delivery system, you’ll never have to deal with up to 99% of them, ever again. A 5-micron sediment filter is only the first safety net that keeps everyone at home safe. By the time we get up to the fifth stage of filtration, not only have you lost such bogies as arsenic, lead, and next-door’s nitrogen-rich fertilizer runoff (that somehow made it through cracks in your pipe), but you’ve also got a tank full of glistening, freshwater promise.

  • Stage 1—Crude sediment pre-filter stops larger particles such as sand and rust.
  • Stage 2—Carbon block 2nd pre-filter blocks chlorine, tastes, odors, etc.
  • Stage 3—More concentrated 2nd pre-filter catches materials missed in stage 2.
  • Stage 4—Pressurizes water through a more fine filter, extracting & flushing away nearly all pollutants left, such as bacteria, lead, arsenic, etc.
  • Stage 5—Carbon post-filter freshens up tank water.

All stages conform to strict NSF/ANSI standards, guaranteeing the safety and quality of this great RO system. iSpring show that they know the water purification game well here, having created a solid middleweight standard that punches far above its weight.

Important Considerations


You accept that you’re after a strong, solid machine from a trusted company, but don’t want to sink too much money into it. Perhaps it’s your first RO system. In that case, you can’t really go wrong here. That’s not to say that your family’s health isn’t important; you just want to be careful. Luckily, you can have it both ways, enjoying easy-to-install peace of mind while being reintroduced to water so tasty you might wish you could eat it, too.

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