Choosing the Best Reverse Osmosis Faucet for Your Home

When looking for a new faucet to replace your older model, consider installing a reverse osmosis faucet to make your water much cleaner and more drinkable. A reverse osmosis system works to remove salt and other minerals from water to make it potable for human consumption. It is possible to improve the quality of salt water or brackish water easily with the use of a reverse osmosis water faucet. Although it may be a little bit more expensive than other types of water pumps and faucet water filters, you can rest assured knowing you are making a huge difference for yourself and your family with a RO faucet.

Top 3 Best Reverse Osmosis Faucet Reviews

Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST

Choose the Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST for a sleek and sophisticated water filtration faucet style that is perfect for even the most modern of kitchens. This faucet is designed to work easily and efficiently even when you only have one hand free. Pull the faucet or the spray wand to the position you require, and you can easily clean up even the toughest of kitchen messes. Best of all, this faucet works well with a reverse osmosis filter system, which makes it even easier for you to keep this beautiful piece of hardware clean from calcium buildup and other problems of daily use.

This Delta Faucet works on a typical reverse osmosis water filter system, including several separate lines of tubing, known as an airgap system, that work to keep your water safe from pollutants whether you need it hot, cold, or just right. With a filter membrane installed as well, you will be able to enjoy the freshest and cleanest water possible straight out of the tap whenever you bring this beautiful and stylish kitchen faucet into your home. This is a very durable product that is sure to withstand years of usage from the whole family. Reverse osmosis faucets such as this one install easily, and may be the best choice for anyone looking to perform the installation without the help of a professional.

Things We Liked

  • Makes water as fresh as possible using an airgap system
  • Durable and built to last
  • Great for larger families or big kitchens

Things We Didn't Like

  • Needs extra space, so may not fit in a small kitchen
  • ​May not match existing hardware


This elegant faucet water filter is sure to make a splash in your kitchen! This faucet is designed with a tall, thin curve that makes it stand out beautifully among a well-decorated kitchen. Paired with the right kind of sink or décor, it could easily look like an old-fashioned rustic faucet, secretly hiding away a fully functioning reverse osmosis water filtration system. It comes in either chrome or brushed nickel, so no matter what kind of hardware you are looking to match, you can make the right decision for your home.

This faucet is paired with a non-airgap RO water system to provide a different type of extra coverage when it comes to keeping contaminants out of your water. Where an airgap system includes three separate lines for your water, a non-airgap system works on a single line that is used as the drain as well as the water line itself. Although this may not sound like the best option for clean water, it still works very well, and is best for anyone with a smaller kitchen space, as it does not take up as much room. This non-airgap system is also less prone to leaks than other faucets for reverse osmosis systems, and it is quieter and easier to run as well.

Things We Liked

  • Elegant and sleek design that is great for modern kitchens
  • Fits into a smaller kitchen space thanks to its non-airgap system
  • Great for larger families or big kitchens

Things We Didn't Like

  • May not work as well for larger kitchens
  • ​Non-airgap system may not filter all pollutants
  • Can be noisy when operating


Install this beautiful reverse osmosis faucet brushed nickel coated or in a chrome finish to fit with a kitchen on any budget. This very affordable faucet features a classic design that looks just as good in an older home as it does in a brand new construction. Despite its low price, this is a sturdy and powerful faucet that can withstand years of use. It is perfect for larger families looking to replace the hardware in their kitchens, but it also works great in small spaces, making this easily one of the best all-around faucets on the market today.

Like the Metpure faucet, this APEC Water Systems faucet is also a non-airgap system. Because the filtered water faucet itself is also not as tall as the Metpure model, this is the best faucet choice for smaller areas that simply do not need a large piece of hardware to take up too much space. Install it on your own, or consider hiring a professional to make sure that the non-airgap system is working properly. This water filter faucet is a little bit more complicated for home installations, and may not be the best choice if this will be your first time working with a water system.

Things We Liked

  • Durable and powerful despite its smaller size
  • Works well in any kitchen space
  • Features a classic design that matches most décor

Things We Didn't Like

  • Difficult to install, and may require professional assistance
  • ​May cause calcium buildup around the faucet head
  • Not as long-lasting as other models on the market

What to Look For

A reverse osmosis system faucet, or RO faucet, is attached to a full reverse osmosis system, which works on a simple principle to remove unwanted salt and other dissolved solids from your water source. These systems have been used for a long time, but in recent years, they have become much more popular for household use. Although there are many different types of faucet filter system membranes on the market, all of the systems themselves work the same way and more or less look the same when installed. The choice between filters is largely dependent on your personal needs.

The term reverse osmosis refers to a process during which ordinary tap water is pushed by force through a filter membrane that is thick enough to catch impurities in the water while still allowing the water itself to pass through. Think of it as a strainer that you might use for pasta in the kitchen. When dirt, salt and other dissolved solids are removed from the water by the RO water faucet, they are flushed safely down a drain without ever re-entering your water supply. Although there are many different components to a complete faucet filtration system, the faucet itself is the part you will encounter more often than not on a daily basis. It is important to choose the right faucet for reverse osmosis system usage for you and your household. Read on to learn about some of the best faucets on the market today.


There are many excellent choices on the reverse osmosis water faucet market today. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the style you are looking to match, you may have different needs that can be met better by one faucet over another. Remember to choose an airgap system for a larger space, and a non-airgap system for smaller kitchens. This should make your water filter faucet shopping a breeze.

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