APEC Water RO-CTOP Review

My view in one sentence: “So much in a compact model without losing any functional edge, this is the winner that goes where you go.”

APEC Water RO-CTOP Overview

As consumers, we know convenience can cost. Often, we pay to have the convenience of using something without being stuck in the same place. At the same time, we tend to associate moving versions of systems as lacking a feature or two. It stands to reason that bulkier, in-situ models should have more substance, but APEC have a real surprise here. Compact and light their RO-CTOP countertop model might be, but it’s a heavyweight performer. You get the best of both worlds. For people on the move, this is the one. Look no further.

APEC Water RO-CTOP review

Excellent Features

As if that weren’t enough evidence that it’s a solid entry in APEC’s strong catalog, APEC clearly applied their technical prowess as an industry leader and came up with a compact model that doesn’t scrimp on the job.

Weighing just seven pounds and measuring 14” x 6.5” x 6”, this countertop water filter star doesn’t intrude on your living space. Better still, you can have it up and running in seconds — it attaches to virtually any faucet, no installation needed.

What’s astonishing here is how much water it purifies in a day: 90 gallons! With very high-capacity filters (U.S. made), you’ve got clean, fresh, great-tasting water literally on tap, whether you’re in your camper, condo, apartment, or student accommodation. As ever, with the APEC name, you’ve got quality assurance with a fantastic US-based support network.

Functionality and Performance

APEC’s countertop offering wins with sheer power. Given a 60-psi water pressure, it makes 90 GPD. If you’re a student, you can take your own water bottles to class; if you’re camping, you can explore without needing a store. Thanks to its Quick-Connect coconut shell active fiber carbon filter, 99% of pollutants will never make it through your faucet. That includes all the nasty stuff, like arsenic and lead, as well as chlorine and funny tastes that make most people turn to bottled water.

  • Stage 1—Pre-filter screens out sediments (dust, rust, bigger-gauge pollutants).
  • Stage 2— 2nd stage pre-filter obstructs odors, tastes etc.
  • Stage 3—Denser 2nd pre-filter screens and bars pollutants not caught in stage 2.
  • Stage 4— Water is forced through a far finer filter (membrane), losing almost all remaining pollutants (e.g., Pb, bacteria).

All stages conform to strict NSF standards, guaranteeing the safety and quality of this product.

Amazon certifies this model as being “frustration-free”. With a one-year warranty and the power to deliver pure water for drinking, ice-making and cooking, etc. anywhere in the world where you can connect it, this system is power on the move.  It stops you lugging heavy bottles/flagons of water around and running the risk of having it go stale while in your cupboard. The money saved on that will eventually pay for your system many times over.

Important Considerations


Usually, convenience costs. APEC have stretched to make a super exception to that rule. If you’re after a countertop RO system, you have your reasons. Whether you want to see the country in your camper-van or need to move into your next apartment, this is a surefire way to say “yes” to clean, healthy, delicious water. Is someone going away to college, or is it time to move into a retirement home? Give them the gift of healthy water that they’ll drink more of!

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